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Having a business that stands out in competitive markets means they are more likely to be a company that is worth working with. Planning and commitment plays a vital part in your position in the market, and on the Magic Quadrant. Questions about your business? Find the answers.

An analyst may request analyst recommendations before choosing a technology partner. This means staying in touch within the analyst community is a vital strategy when devising a successful business, be new or old.

Becoming a desirable business

Businesses start as Niche Players, and aim to move to the Leaders section – the most desirable companies are typically Leaders. Leaders score high on the ability to execute and completeness of vision – they are known to be larger businesses.

Moving up on the Magic Quadrant

The Skills Connection has a team of experts that offers their knowledge to technology companies so they can improve their relationship with the analyst community with an analyst engagement service.  They act as an extension of your own team to help prepare for analyst assessments, deliver briefings and an ongoing dialogue with the community. They work hard to give you results. Click here.

As part of Skills Connection advisory services, they help you:

  • Clarify your story
  • Identify evidence to include in your case
  • Build clear, concise briefings that will have an impact on the analyst
  • Engage the analyst by finding the right information, in the right format and at the right time

They can work with you even if you have previously engaged with analysts or if you are just starting your outreach programme. See: trust in business.

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